“…one minute he’s soft-spoken and haunting, the next a folk-rock journeyman. Extremely reminiscent of the 1960’s era songwriters.”
Rosie Chavez - Subba Cultcha

"On Steven Dunn’s aptly named “Love” he creates an entire universe, one that feels so inviting and full of compassion." - Beach Sloth 

"You can be assured there is a warm, relaxed melody running through the songs and a hook or two to chew on."
- Jade Rose - The Network 317

"One minute he’s so soft-spoken and haunting, we’re hanging on each word like he’s a poet, and then, as on “Alone,” the underlying simmer explodes into percussive rock intensity that drives a more intense narrative."
- Jonathan Widran - The JW Vibe

"Everyone has a story to tell, artist [Steven] Dunn catalogs his with honest emotions, roots rock riffs, Americana flavor, folkie fusion and a touch of Delta Blues."
- Troy Michael - Innocent Words

"The authentic vocal commitment and scope of the stories he tells brings the listener out of the mundane and into a new world full of thought and possibility."
- RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

"Presumably, Dunn’s aim is to emulate the highs and lows of everyday life through the bipolar dynamics of his music – one minute, the guitars and vocals soar, the next they crash down to earth. In that sense, the track, [Lament] and the record as a whole, are a splendid triumph."
- Scott Bampton - Rock and Blues Muse

"A beautiful EP... Til Rocks Cry Out is perhaps our favorite" 
- Bas - Gobsmag

"In the digital age of recording, where independent music is ubiquitous—and it seems anyone can make a record—it’s hard to find artists who stand out, touch the soul, and make you want to listen to their songs over and over again. Through Indianola, Steven Dunn reminds us that such a reality is still possible. From the raw, haunting vocals to the beautifully layered guitars, this album provides a musical and narrative journey that listeners will thoroughly enjoy from beginning to end."
- Rod Taylor - Bass Player Magazine; No Treble Magazine

"[The song] Summertime is marvelous!"
- Cary Allen Fields - Fields of Bluegrass Radio

"Intimate & intricate, melodious & mellifluous, Steven's music is a worthy listen!"
- Glen Furr - WGRE

"Soulful Lyrics"
- Michael Teach - Chicago Acoustic Underground

"As a performer, he has it right where it counts: expressive picking, soothing songs that build a soundtrack for that country air you suck up."
- Andrew Duncan - Zaptown Magazine

"A fixture around Indiana University's indie rock scene, known for his powerful and intimate rock."
- Marc Stalcup - Linton Music Festival

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